KORE sailing

The Best Start in Sailing Anywhere

KORE is a premier provider of sailing programmes in Christchurch, Canterbury and the South Island and is an integral part of our local sailing community. We are also increasingly recognised as a provider of quality water confidence and safety programmes.

More people sailing safely more often.

KORE sailing delivers the very successful programme developed since 2005 by Simon Rutherford and his kiwi sailing team.

Prepare yourself or your family for a lifetime of sport with:

Casual Sailing

A chance to give sailing a try or have another go without committing to a course. Supervised fun and some help to get you started. Casual sailing sessions are all about having a good time and maybe deciding to take a course.

Learn Sailing Courses

Our comprehensive, fun sailing courses are 5 sessions long.

Discover Sailing - Covers everything from rigging your boat to how make it go. Get to feel comfortable in your yacht and ready for more.

Develop Sailing - Gives you more confident control while sailing a course, learning some basic rules so you're ready to join a yacht club.

You can come to one of our regular five session courses once or twice a week, come along over three weekends, or join a school holiday course over five days.

We also offer further sessions for fun, and for additional practice and skill development.


After school, weekends and holidays or by arrangement
Bookings are essential; courses run once minimum numbers reached.


We are active at Lake Rua in Christchurch and at Lake Pegasus in Pegasus Town

Cost Casual Sailing - from $30, Contact us for details
Courses - $345.00 per course

Contact us today:

 0800 sailkiwi | 0800 724 554
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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